Suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury Seek Counsel from Florida Brain Injury Lawyer


If you suffered injury on-the-job or from experiencing an accident where you lost consciousness when you hit your head, seek out the counsel of a Florida Brain Injury Lawyer. Often times, the standard medical equipment used in the emergency room after an accident cannot notice traumatic brain injury. If you have hit your head and now, suffer symptoms of mood swings, sleeplessness, headaches, bouts of dizziness, then contact a specialist immediately.

What can a Florida Brain Injury Lawyer like DeCiccio & Johnson do for you? For one, they have extensive knowledge and experience (50 years combined) within the courtroom trying cases for those who have suffered from a TBI (traumatic brain injury). They are board-certified in worker’s compensation and are a litigation-based law firm.

Many who have experienced a traumatic brain injury due to on-the-job accidents must know and understand that insurance companies will do their best to investigate the severity of the injury and will often dispute the claim. By having experienced Florida Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney on your side will help alleviate the stress of what the insurance company is claiming against you and your family.

According to DeCiccio & Johnson, “In worker’s compensation cases, the insurance company may dispute and deny the type of brain rehabilitation treatment recommended by the victim’s doctor who can be very expensive, and the insurance company may challenge the daily rate for rehabilitation services.” There are many cases in which a person has received a TBI and it causes life-altering changes that can only be fixed by a specialist and extensive rehabilitation.

Recuperation from a head injury takes years depending on the damage done at the time injury occurred. Those suffering and experiencing memory loss, forgetfulness, sudden bouts of rage, and sleeplessness, due to a head injury, it is imperative you speak with a specialist, as well as contact for a free consultation.


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