Karen Crone (Actress) Movie Credits

Karen Crone – Karen Crone is an actress, known for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001), Rome: Total War (2004) and Mental (2012)

Movies Karen Crone is known for:

Karen Crone in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)

Karen Crone in Rome: Total War (2004)

Karen Crone in Mental (2012)

Other people named Karen Crone:

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Travel Nursing Jobs are High in Demand

Unemployment is still at an all-time low, and for many it is difficult finding a job, even a temporary job. If you are an experienced registered nurse, then you are in luck, because there is an abundance of travel nursing jobs available nationally and globally. How do you go about becoming a traveler in the nursing profession?

First, one of the most important questions that you will need to ask yourself before becoming a travel nurse is, “Do I have what it takes to be a Travel Nurse?” What that question means is that when you decide to travel as a nurse, you will work in many different environments with many different types of personalities, so you must be a person that adapts easily. You must be the type of person who can adjust to change and learns quickly.

You cannot question your nursing skills, it is vital that you be confident in your abilities, but not arrogant. That simply means that when you are assigned a healthcare facility, you will be the new staff member. Remember that might mean you will need to ask questions about procedures and practice methods because your orientation time will be limited. As a travel nurse, you must be comfortable with exposure to new situations, and you must be able to perform at optimum level under pressure.

Visit medical staffing agencies such as, www.tmaxnursing.com, and view the types of travel nursing jobs available. Keep in mind that when applying to an agency they will also assess your background, experience, and skill set to place you in the right assignment. You will want to work with an experienced recruiting agency that will take the time to listen and match you to the best-suited position for your skill set.

Overall, travel nurses are needed and high-in-demand, hospitals need travel nurses to help during certain busy seasons, and the need for nurses will only grow. Contact TravelMax Nursing, and find a travel nurse job in your area today, view website, to use their free job search tool for medical professionals.

Home Insurance Professionals Can Save You Much Money

Security First Florida Insurance is an excellent Florida Home Insurance company that serves over tens of thousands of clients throughout the state. Over the years, if and when homeowners are hit with one of Florida’s many natural disasters it leaves them in tough financial situation. This is because of the damage caused because of the storms. These experts in home insurance provide a resource to their community so that they do not need to worry when these unpredictable events occur.

It’s important to find a home insurance agent before damage is done to your home due to a storm. Security First Florida Insurance provides a special area found on their website to connect homeowners with agents around the state. Also, while visiting the Security First website customers are able to find contacts for their claim centers. Their goal is to make things simpler and easy for everyone to use. Download their iPhone app to have access to Security First all the time.

It’s simple to receive a renters insurance Florida quote from the experts in the industry. They will do a full evaluation of the home and make sure the best quote is given. Florida residents are also encouraged to visit their site for other goodies they provide. Available now, is an information center filled with how-to guides for hurricane preparation, fire safety tips, and more.

If anyone needing extra information on handling natural disasters or acquiring home insurance it would be highly recommended to contact this group of licensed insurance professionals.

To receive a quote from an individual renters insurance company that is trustworthy and that works hard for the members of their community, click to view website. During times of disaster, there is only one company to run to and that is the Security First Florida insurance team.

Now is the Time to Refinish the Bathtub

A great time to remodel the bathroom is during the summertime. Remodeling the bathroom can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Companies such as Bathpro Refinishing Orlando specialize in refinishing bathrooms in an affordable fashion. With the summer already passing by this is a great opportunity to add some life back to the old bathroom again.

This is the moment where a bit of shine and polish can be added to the old. A dingy bathtub is never pretty, and Bathpro does an expert job at bringing things back to its original shine. No need to worry about handling any of the electrical or plumbing issues either, when it comes to working with Bathpro they have it under control.

The summer brings new growth and new changes, and this is a perfect time to renew the bathtub and everything else that may be in the bathroom.  In the city of Orlando Bathtub Refinishing is done by the best in the business and they go by the name of Bathpro. For more than 20 years Bathpro has served the Orlando community and continues to provide quality service daily.

Bathpro pays attention to great detail and they always go above and beyond to get the job done. Bathroom remodeling can take days or weeks depending on the project at hand. But, the professionals with Bathpro can cut the time in half. Bathpro is a company that values the time of their customers, and they continue to show how quickly they can get the job done no matter how big the task is.

Bathpro provides the best tub refinishing in Orlando, and they only hope for another 20 years of greatness. The summertime is the ideal time to renew the bathroom and tiles. Contact Bathpro, here, to get the job done.


Improve on Business Productivity when Switching to VOIP

Small to medium sized businesses gain the most advantage when switching phone systems from a landline to the newer VOIP phone solutions. It makes it so businesses can easily communicate with customers through an internet data network. Feel confident when making a video conference call that the data connection is strong when using the small business phone systems Dallas VOIP through advancedcomllc.com.

When competing with large corporations, small to medium businesses (SMB), need to take advantage of the low cost of VOIP and its features. VoIP phone systems will help increase productivity and work flow for SMB’s because of its unified messaging feature. Access voice mail and faxes through the email, and easily keep track of contacts through outlook messaging center. The main way of increasing productivity is by analyzing and tracking employee activity.

Features on business phone systems Dallas assists managers in the ability to monitor employee’s phone activity. When employing more than 10 employees at a time, it is important to know how time is managed for work productivity to be increased, and it lets managers know which employees need extra training.

For instance, in a call center, with many inbound calls, managers must check call logs to see the average time spent on each call from start to finish for each employee. The manager can quickly discern which employee spends too much time to end a call with a client; therefore providing the supervisor with valuable information on each employee’s performance.

Advanced Communications Phone system policies can also be set in place by utilizing the status features. Employees are able to log in to the phone system and when logging out enter a code, so managers know if they are taking a bathroom break or taking their lunch. It is safe to say that not every employee is created equal, and some do not use work time wisely, which is why there is a need for monitoring activity.

Business plans can be implemented, but if employees do not work wisely than the business suffers. Learn more about how VOIP phone solutions will enhance office productivity and manage employees, visit site.

The best TBI Attorneys in Florida, Deciccio & Johnson

When in need of an experienced attorney there are two names that should come to mind. Those two names are Deciccio & Johnson. For a combined 50 years these two individuals have made strides in their respective industries. There aren’t too many attorneys in the state that can compete with these professionals. From traumatic brain injuries to automobile accidents this team does it all.

There are a few TBI Lawyers Florida uses, but none quite like Deciccio & Johnson. There skill level is through the roof and this firm is like none other. Handling tough cases involving slip and fall accidents or a situation where a client may have been attacked wrongfully are what this group is used to. Each and every year there are a series of these cases that come into the office of Deciccio & Johnson and these guys are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to fight for the rights of those who have been a victim of a TBI injury.

When it comes to accidents involving head trauma in the NFL Deciccio & Johnson are all over the matter. The NFL is jam packed with issues involving TBI cases. Neglect and selfishness would notably be some of the most popular reasons why coaches and trainers are letting athletes play with after any serious head injury.

When looking for a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Florida recommends the professionals of more than a combined 50 years, Deciccio & Johnson. After a free consulting session then more details can be discussed and action can then be set in order to handle this pressing situation.

If there is anyone battling with a loved one or a friend and a case of TBI then click here. This could possibly save their lives and get them the attention deserved in order to make a right out of a wrong situation.

Deciccio & Johnson Fighting for your rights

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of death and disability in children and adults of all ages. For years this injury has caused harm to millions and by the time the injury was recognized it was too late. This injury will continue to hurt loved ones and people who are cared for greatly until justice is served. There are lawyers fighting for those who battle with this injury and they go by the name of Deciccio & Johnson.

Deciccio & Johnson have fought many cases defending those who have been battling with TBI.  They have dedicated their lives to fighting for the people who have been wronged and unable to fight on their own.

This injury silently creeps up on men and women in a variety of situations. They can either come from a direct head on collision or it can be caused after a slip and fall on the job. Symptoms for those with TBI go as follows:


  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sensitivity to light/sound
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

This list of symptoms can go on and on and it is important to make sure that these things are checked on. The earlier that TBI is discovered the better it is for the victim.

For some of the best TBI Lawyers Florida has to offer consider Deciccio & Johnson. They have a combined 50 years of experience in the industry and will provide nothing but the best legal services for each and every client. In cases involving punitive damage or regarding legal issues in regards to TBI they are the most knowledgeable in the business.

For more information on the team of Deciccio & Johnson Click Here and learn about the many other services that these professionals have to offer the Orlando community. Justice will be served and wrongs will be made right with Deciccio & Johnson.

Deciccio & Johnson will fight your case in the courts and we will stand up for you and make sure that you get the compensation that you are due. We can stand up against the bullies and their intimidation doesn’t put us off what we set out to do and that’s win your case.